Do You Know Your Walk-In Tub Options?

Installing a new tub is easier than you think

If you want an accessible, easy-to-use bathtub, Dream Team GC, LLC can help. We can install a new walk-in tub in your current bathroom, no matter the layout or size. Don’t struggle to use a tub that’s no longer meeting your needs. Call today to get an estimate on your new walk-in tub installation.

We have the walk-in tub you need

It’s difficult to relax in the bath when you’re worried about safety and accessibility. Dream Team GC is here to help. We can install a walk-in tub in your existing bathroom. We install a range of Hydro Dimensions walk-in tubs with a variety of features, such as:

Deep soak | Hydro massage | Air massage | Dual massage | Jet massage

To learn more about your walk-in tub options, call us today at 770-334-8028.

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