Is Limited Mobility Keeping You Down?

A VPL lift can keep you moving

In the past, a loss of mobility often meant permanently moving to the ground floor. Today Dream Team GC, LLC can install a vertical platform lift (VPL) so you can retain full access to your home. A VPL allows you to move easily from one floor to another throughout the day.

Installing a VPL is less structurally invasive than installing an elevator, but can be more accommodating than a stair lift, depending on your situation. To learn more about VPL installation, call us now.

Is a VPL lift right for you?

Is a VPL lift right for you?

Chair lifts are often intended for people who walk with limited assistance but have difficulty climbing stairs. A VPL lift is ideal for people who:

  • Use a wheelchair or walker
  • Need to transport items, such as groceries
  • Vary between walker and wheelchair

To find out more about your home elevation options, call Dream Team GC to speak to an installation expert.