Are Your Physical Abilities Changing?

Add a wheelchair-accessible bathroom to your home

Dream Team GC, LLC can build an accessible bathroom to accommodate your changing needs. If you have limited mobility due to a recent disability or illness, you need an ADA-accessible bathroom to stay comfortable and self-reliant.

Your new bathroom will be safe, spacious and stylish. Look at our gallery to see the beautiful ADA-accessible bathrooms we’ve already created. If you want to retain your independence with an accessible bathroom, call Dream Team GC today.

We make ADA-compliant bathrooms

We make ADA-compliant bathrooms

Do you need to remodel your bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible? Dream Team GC has the experience and expertise to create a comfortable ADA-compliant bathroom in your home. We can remodel your existing bathroom to:

  • Increase space for easy maneuverability.
  • Install grab bars for safety and independence.
  • Lower fixtures for full accessibility.

We also specialize in installing walk-in baths and showers. Call us today to get an ADA bathroom remodel estimate.